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Wu Chengtie
Secretary of the Party Committee and Director
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No.88,Keling Road, Suzhou New District, China

Professor Wu Chengtie is currently Secretary of the Party Committee and Director of Suzhou Institute of Biomedical Engineering and Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences. He completed his Ph.D in 2006, and then he worked in the University of Sydney (Australia), Dresden University of Technology (Germany) and Queensland University of Technology (Australia), and was awarded Vice-Chancellor Research Fellow, APDI Fellow and Alexander von Humboldt Fellow. In 2012, he has been recruited to work in SIC, as enrolled in Overseas High-level Talent program of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Then he was awarded the National Science Fund for Outstanding Young Scholars, Leading Talent - National High Level Talents Special Support Plan, Leading Innovative Talent of Science and Technology, Recruitment Program of Global Young Experts of China, Shanghai Subject Chief Scientist, etc.. Prof Wu’s research focuses on development of novel bioactive materials for tissue/organ repair/regeneration and treatment of major diseases. Up to now, Prof. Wu has published more than 300 peer-review journal papers (h-factor: 88), including Advanced Materials, Science Advances, Materials Today, ACS Nano, Advanced Functional Materials, Nano Letters, Biomaterials, etc., which have been cited more than 19000 times. He has been continuously selected as “Highly Cited Chinese Researchers” by Elsevier from 2015 to 2022. He edited CRC English monograph and participated in writing 11 English monograph chapters. Prof. Wu has issued 72 patents, of which 45 patents were authorized and 25 patents were transferred. Prof Wu was awarded the Journal of Materials Chemistry Lectureship in 2015, Young Scientists of Chinese Biomaterials Society in 2016, Outstanding Young Scientists of Chinese Ceramics Society in 2018, and the First Prize of Science and Technology of Chinese Society of Biomaterials in 2019. He is currently serving as the associate editor of the academic journals "Applied Materials Today", "Microstructures" and "Journal of Inorganic Materials", and the member of editorial board of "Acta Biomaterialia" and "Bioactive"Materials". He is also serving as the member of council of Chinese Society for Biomaterials, the deputy director of Bioceramics Branch of Chinese Society for Biomaterials, and the director of Science Popularization Committee of Chinese Society for Biomaterials.

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5. Chen Qin, Jingge Ma, Lei Chen, Hongshi Ma, Hui Zhuang, Meng Zhang, Zhiguang Huan, Jiang Chang, Nan Ma, Chengtie Wu*. 3D Bioprinting of Multicellular Scaffolds for Osteochondral Regeneration. Materials Today, 2021, 49, 68-84.

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