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Update time: 2014-10-15
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Suzhou Institute of Biomedical Engineering and Technology (SIBET) is the only institute in Chinese Academy of Sciences focusing on researches in bio-medical instruments, bio-medical reagents and bio-materials.

Since it was established in Nov. 2011, SIBET’s mission is to meet the significant needs in biomedical products, focuses on the basic, strategic, prospective researches in advanced biomedical instruments, reagents and biomedical materials in the other aspects based on the idea of being honest, practical, cooperative and innovative, to stimulate the development of biomedical engineering technology in our country and established a platform for the innovation and transformation of medical instruments.

There are seven laboratories concerning medical optics, technology of vitro diagnose, medical imaging, medical acoustic technology and rehabilitation medicine engineering with new blood immune analysis technology and super-resolution microscopy optical technique as the main targets of breakthrough. So far, the institute houses the Key Medical Optics Labortory of Jiangsu Province and four municipal level high-tech laboratories. The institute’s Medical Diagnostic Products Division has been established too.

So far, there are 312 members in the institute according to the latest statistics in Sep. 2014. Among them, one expert has been recruited as part of the National Thousand Talent Programs, 12 experts have got CAS 100-Talents Program, 9 members are dual creative talents in Jiangsu province, 106 are postgraduates, 89% of the members have got Master degree or above, 75% of the employees is under 35 years old. There are two PhD program in optical engineering and biophysics, and five master’s programs in optical engineering, biophysics, biomedical engineering and instrumentation.

 We attached great importance to the eventual commercialization of research results, and has established medical equipment industry zone in Jiangsu province with Suzhou high-tech biomedical engineering industrial base construction. And established the first industrial technology innovation alliance of medical equipment in Jiangsu province as a main simulator in the province.

SIBET devoted to exploring new modes of the commercializing the results of medical devices and has established Suzhou Guoke medical technology development Co., LTD (hereinafter referred to as “Guoke medical”), which fusion the various elements in commercializing the research results effectively, together with Suzhou Share High-tech Medical Devices Industry Development Investment Fund”

Based on the platform of national scientific medical care, SIBET invests and incubated the projects with prospective market and mature national or international innovative research. SIBET aims to establish a base with a collection of national and international research results in medical instruments, which will help to reduce the risk of investment by the enterprises and improve the efficiency of commercialization of research results, and improve the condition of medical instruments industry.

Competition in medical instruments is a global phenomenon, as well as its technical innovation and researches on products. SIBET has jointly established R&D centers with universities such as John Hopkins University, and enterprises such as Foreal Spectrum, Inc. By means of cooperating project, exchanging employees and training, and establishing joint research centers and labs, the research capacity and international reputation of SIBET has been improved.

 SIBET will be more innovative and down-to-earth under the guidance of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and supports from all levels of the society. We will continue “Take the lead in action Program”, “Innovation 2020”, “One-Three-Five Strategic Planning”, and keep “Four Lead” as our goal. We would like to devote ourselves to the innovation and development of national medical instrumental industry and the “Chinese Dream”of rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

We look forward to working with both domestic and overseas scientific research institutes, universities, enterprises, medical institutions and talented scientists. Welcome to SIBET! 



Address:      No.88,Keling Road, Suzhou New District, Jiangsu Province 

                   215163, China

Tel:              86-512-69588000  

Fax:             86-512-69588088

E-mail:         office@sibet.ac.cn

Website:      www.sibet.cas.cn  



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