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Scientists Develop a Fast Antibiotic Susceptibility Test for the Antibiotic Resista...21-04-29

Scientists Discover a Novel Mechanism for the Occurrence of Tumor Multidrug Resistance21-04-09

Scientists Develop a Multi-frequency Ultrasonic Endoscope21-03-03

Scientists Discover a Novel Potential Diagnostic, Prognostic and Therapeutic Target...20-12-18

Scientists Develop Rapid Lateral Flow Immunoassay for Fluorescence Detection of SAR...20-12-10

Scientists Develop Nano Drug Carrier for Precise Cancer Treatment20-12-03

Scientists Develop New X-ray Response Degrading Nano-Drug-Carrying Systems20-11-12

Researchers Develop Self-service Vision Screening Instrument20-09-03

Holistic Bursting Cells Might Be Basis of Brain Cognition20-08-27

Chinese Researchers Develop New Diagnostic Method for Ovarian Cancer20-08-18

China Focus: Scientists develop AI model for quick cancer detection20-07-13

Novel method proposed on multiparametric-MRI for rectal cancer diagnosis20-07-03

Scientists Proposed a Method on Multiparametric-MRI for Rectal Cancer Diagnosis20-07-02

CAS helps marshal global science community's COVID-19 fight20-05-11

CAS Team Develops Quick Detection System for COVID-19 Cases20-04-24

How does coronavirus kill? Clinicians trace a ferocious rampage through the body, f...20-04-17

New Chinese COVID-19 Test Takes Only 45 Minutes20-04-17

New Test Kits Give Answers Within 45 Minutes20-04-16

Chinese Scholar Develops Rapid Detection System for Coronavirus Nucleic Acid20-04-09

Scientists Proposed an Image-based Preoperative Evaluation Method for Hepatocellula...20-04-01

Scientists Proposed an Image-based Accurate Non-invasive Diagnosis Method for Ovari...20-02-26

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