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Scientists Develop a System that Combines Radiation, Chemotherapy and CT Imaging to...18-10-16

The 2nd Bio-Medical Engineering Suzhou International Symposium was held successfull...15-09-29

The 2nd SIBET International Symposium on Advanced Bio-Medical Diagnostics15-04-22

SIBET Launches Brain Research Instrument Innovation Center15-04-24

A Congratulatory Letter to the Winner of the 2014 Nobel Prize in Chemistry14-10-14

SIBET, CAS and Dept. of Biomedical Engineering, Johns Hopkins University signed a m...13-04-28

Sino-German Bilateral Symposium-“Design and Application of Optimal Pulses in Magne...12-05-25

Professor Lu Yongxiang visited SIBET12-03-20

Professor Arokia Nathan from University of Cambridge visited SIBET12-03-01

Prof. BAI Chunli to Lead CAS11-03-16

Prof. Min Gu, Chinese Academy of Sciences "Einstein Professorship" visited SIBET10-07-13

CPC suzhou municipal committee secretary took a visit to suzhou institute of biomed...09-07-22

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