How to Refuel the T-cells——the Guardians for Anti-tumor Immunotherapy
How to Refuel the T-cells——the Guardians for Anti-tumor Immunotherapy (2018-11-16)
SIBET CAS Announces ‘Biomedical Engineering Frontiers’, Promoted in Collaboration wit... (2018-11-08)
Surgery Navigation can also be used for Lung (2018-10-30)
Scientists develop a system that combines radiation, chemotherapy and CT imaging to tre... (2018-10-26)
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How to Refuel the T-cells——the Guardians for Anti-tumor Immunothe...
How to Refuel the T-cells——the Guardians for An...[2018.11.16]
Surgery Navigation can also be used for Lung[2018.10.30]
Scientists Develop a System that Combines Radiati...[2018.10.16]
High-throughput imaging of zebrafish embryos usin...[2018.09.20]
Research Progress in Big Data based Precision Med...[2018.08.16]
Semi-automatic biochemical analyzer(N)[2011.03.16]
Semi-automatic biochemical analyzer (D)[2011.01.10]
Diode Laser Therapeutic System for Acne[2011.01.10]
Multifunctional Microplate Reader[2009.09.07]
Small Automatic Biochemical Analyzer[2009.09.07]
Dr. Detlef Bartel of Paul-Ehrlich-Institut in Germany Visits SIBET
On October 31st, 2013, Dr. Detlef Bartel, Head of Section Batch Control and Allergen Analytics, Paul-Ehrlich-Institut in Germany conducted a friendly visit to SIBET and were received cordially by President Yuguo Tang at the office. Firstly, on behalf of SIBET, President Tang welcomed them warmly and gave them a detailed introduction of the history and current development of SIBET. Dr. Detlef Bartel expressed deep gratitude for the warm reception as well as proposed the...
Fellow of the Royal Society ,Professor Alison Noble Visi... [2018.11.27]
Professor from the Massachusetts General Hospital/the Har... [2018.11.13]
SIBET CAS Announces ‘Biomedical Engineering Frontiers’,... [2018.11.08]
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Cell Analysis instruments Research Center [2017.04.12]
The 2nd SIBET International Symposium on Advanced Bio-Medical Diagnostics [2015.04.22]
Invitation to 1st Biomedical Engineering Suzhou International Symposium (BMESIS 2014) [2014.03.10]
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