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International Training Workshop Held to Boost Innovation and Transformation of Adva...22-12-14

The International Training Workshop on “Innovation and Transformation of Advanced ...21-11-26

Workshop of SIBET, CAS Won the Jiangsu Foreign Expert Workshop20-03-13

SIBET Successfully Hosted the "Summer Camp–Suzhou Station" Activity19-08-16

Chinese scientists have created super-resolution optical microscopes that can see 5...19-01-02

Delegation of University of Michigan Visited SIBET18-12-25

Fellow of the Royal Society ,Professor Alison Noble Visited SIBET18-11-27

Professor from the Massachusetts General Hospital/the Harvard Medical School Visite...18-11-13

SIBET CAS Announces ‘Biomedical Engineering Frontiers’, Promoted in Collaboration...18-11-08

Professor Fan Jun, chairman of the technical committee of IEEE EMC institute, visit...17-06-27

A delegation from the University of Technology Sydney, headed by Professor Adel, vi...17-06-08

Professor William A. Dick, form UIUC Visited SIBET17-04-24

Northwestern University's vice president for research visited SIBET17-01-19

Chinese Academy of Sciences 2016 “CAS Distinguished International Fellow”15-12-08

Representatives from Suzhou Institute of Biomedical Engineering and Technology atte...15-10-21

Prof.Philipp LANG and Dr. Xu Haifeng Visited SIBET15-10-13

Dr. Yang gave a lecture on Digital Human Modeling and Simulation for Design and Eng...15-07-24

Dr. Wang gave a lecture on Next generation sequencing for virus discovery and beyond15-03-13

Dr. You Changjiang Visited SIBET14-12-24

Prof.Chen Qixian from the University of TokyoVisited SIBET14-12-19

Dr. Zheng Jiefrom American eMerdical Corp Visited SIBET14-12-19

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