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Scientists proposed a new approach to build radiomic model by combining peritumoral...19-04-18

AAAS launches third journal in its Science Partner Journal program19-04-03

AAAS announces third journal in Science partner journal program19-04-03

Biomedical Engineering Frontiers joins the Science Partner Journal program19-03-28

Computer Neural Network Shows Potential for Liver Cancer Diagnosis19-03-07

Chinese scientists have created super-resolution optical microscopes that can see 5...19-01-02

Ultra-strong microscopes open doors to scientific innovation18-12-28

Scientists develop a new way to noninvasively assess tumor biological characteristics18-12-21

Researchers develop painless method to evaluate tumor progression18-12-05

SIBET CAS Announces ‘Biomedical Engineering Frontiers’, Promoted in Collaboration...18-11-08

Surgery Navigation can also be used for Lung18-10-30

Scientists develop a system that combines radiation, chemotherapy and CT imaging to...18-10-26

Chinese scientists discover gene associated with prostate cancer18-06-04

The 2nd Bio-Medical Engineering Suzhou International Symposium was held successfull...15-09-29

Scientists Develop Wearable Tech for Lab Mice to Help in Brain Disorder Research15-05-13

The 2nd SIBET International Symposium on Advanced Bio-Medical Diagnostics15-04-22

SIBET Launches Brain Research Instrument Innovation Center15-04-24

A Congratulatory Letter to the Winner of the 2014 Nobel Prize in Chemistry14-10-14

SIBET, CAS and Dept. of Biomedical Engineering, Johns Hopkins University signed a m...13-04-28

Sino-German Bilateral Symposium-“Design and Application of Optimal Pulses in Magne...12-05-25

Professor Lu Yongxiang visited SIBET12-03-20

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