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Dai Yakang
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Yakang Dai graduated from the Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and engaged in postdoctoral research in the University of Minnesota and the University of North Carolina. At present, he is the deputy director of Medical Imaging Technology Department of Suzhou Institute of Biomedical Engineering and Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Principal Investigator of medical image processing team, and doctoral advisor of China University of science and technology. 

Yakang Dai is mainly engaged in the research of intelligent medical image processing and intelligent telemedicine. He has published more than 60 academic papers (more than 30 SCI papers) and applied for more than 40 patents. At present, he is the director of the Chinese society of stereology, the young member of the Chinese society of Biomedical Engineering, and the deputy leader of the county medical community of intelligent medicine of China Medical Education Association. 

Yakang Dai is the leader of a team with more than 30 people and in charge of more than 50 scientific and technological projects, including the National Natural Science Foundation, the key R&D projects of the Ministry of science and technology, the key R&D projects of Jiangsu Province, the equipment projects of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the mass Entrepreneurship and innovation team projects of Jiangsu Province, the special projects of medical devices in Suzhou, and the horizontal projects. At the same time, Yakang Dai founds Suzhou Guoke Kangcheng Medical Technology Co., Ltd., engaging in the industrialization of intelligent imaging and intelligent medical products. The company obtained the qualification and award of high-quality products, software products, intellectual property implementation standards, high-tech enterprises, soft enterprises, Suzhou excellent copyright first prize and other qualifications and awards.


(1) Intelligent medical image processing: Research on medical image enhancement and automatic segmentation, multi-modal medical image registration and fusion. Develop accurate, intelligent, and networked medical image assisted clinical diagnosis and treatment solutions. 

 (2) Smart remote & mobile medical solution: Research on intelligent collection, cloud management, and mining of medical and health data. Develop smart solutions of remote and mobile clinical diagnosis. 

 (3) Neuroimaging processing and analysis: Research on processing and analysis algorithms of brain MR, EEG, MEG and other multi-mode heterogeneous neural images. Develop solutions for assisted diagnosis of brain diseases.
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§   First Prize of Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Progress (2020)

§   Youth Science and Technology Award of Chinese Society For Stereology(2019)

§   Jiangsu Medical Youth Science and Technology Award(2019)

§   First Prize of Suzhou Excellent Copyright (2017)

§   First Prize of Changzhou Medical New Technology Introduction (2016)

§   Second Prize of Suzhou Natural Science Outstanding Academic Paper(2014)

§   "Six Talent Peaks" High-level Talents in Jiangsu Province(2018)

§   Young and middle-aged scientific and technological leader of "333 Project" in Jiangsu Province(2013)

§   Core of Jiangsu " Innovative and Entrepreneurial Team"(2015)

§   Suzhou's universities and research institutes are in short supply of high-level talents(2014)

§   Quancheng "5150" Innovative Talents Introduced and Multiplied Plan(2019)

§   Leading entrepreneurs in Suzhou High-tech Zone(2015)

Selected Papers

1. Yan LiuYakang Dai*Yuanfeng ZhouXun LangJihong Tang. An efficient and robust muscle artifact removal method for few-channel EEG. IEEE Access, 2019, 99:1. (SCI)

2. Qing Zhou, Zhiyong Zhou, Chunmiao Chen, Guohua Fan, Guangqiang Chen, Haiyan Heng, Jiansong Ji, Yakang Dai*. Grading of hepatocellular carcinoma using 3D SE-DenseNet in dynamic enhanced MR images. Computers in Biology and Medicine, 2019,107:47-57. (SCI)

3. Qing Zhang, Pingping Wang, Yan Liu, Bo Peng, Yufu Zhou, Zhiyong Zhou, Baotong Tong, Bensheng Qiu, Yishan Zheng, Yakang Dai*. A real-time wireless wearable electroencephalography system based on Support Vector Machine for encephalopathy daily monitoring. International Journal of Distributed Sensor Networks. 2018,14(5):1-9. (SCI)

4. Zhiyong Zhou, Jianfei Tu, Chen Geng, Jisu Hu, Baotong Tong, Jiansong Ji, Yakang Dai*. Accurate and Robust Non-rigid Point Set Registration using Student’s-t Mixture Model with Prior Probability Modeling. Scientific Reports, 2018,8(1):8742. (SCI)

5. Zhiyong Zhou, Baotong Tong, Jian Zheng, Chen Geng, Jisu Hu, Lingxiao Zhao, Yakang Dai*. Point-based Registration for Precise Surface Matching using Student's-t Mixture Model and Dirichlet Distribution. Biomedical Signal Processing and Control. 2017,33:10-18. (SCI)

6. Bo Peng, Suhong Wang, Zhiyong Zhou, Yan Liu, Baotong Tong, Tao Zhang, Yakang Dai*. A multilevel-ROI-features-based machine learning method for detection of morphometric biomarkers in Parkinson's disease. Neuroscience Letters. 2017,651:88. (SCI)

7. Yakang Dai, Yaping Wang, Li Wang, Guorong Wu, Feng Shi, Dinggang Shen. aBEAT: A Toolbox for Consistent Analysis of Longitudinal Adult Brain MRI. PLoS ONE, 2013,8(4): e60344. (SCI)

8. Yakang Dai, Feng Shi, Li Wang, Dinggang Shen. iBEAT: A Toolbox for Infant Brain Magnetic Resonance Image Processing. Neuroinformatics. 2013,11(2):211-225. (SCI)

9. Yakang Dai, Wenbo Zhang, Deanna L. Dickens, Bin He. Source Connectivity Analysis from MEG and its Application to Epilepsy Source Localization. Brain Topography. 2012,25(2):157-166. (SCI)

10. Yakang Dai, Jie Tian, Di Dong, Guorui Yan, Hairong Zheng. Real-time Visualized Freehand 3D Ultrasound Reconstruction Based on GPU. IEEE Transactions on Information Technology in Biomedicine. 2010,14(6):1338-1345.(SCI)
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