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Prof.William A.Dick, form UIUC Visited SIBET.docx17-04-20

SIBET made progress in the fabrication of LED arrays14-10-22

The Sino-German Symposium on Advanced Optical Imaging and Sensing in Life Science a...14-09-23

Sino-German Bilateral Symposium-“Design and Application of Optimal Pulses in Magne...12-05-25

Doctor Li Guoping from University of Southampton visited SIBET12-04-23

Professor Lu Yongxiang visited SIBET12-03-20

The Dalsa company’s delegation visited SIBET10-08-19

Prof. Min Gu, Chinese Academy of Sciences "Einstein Professorship" visited SIBET10-07-13

The vice depreident of Bureau of Capital Construction came to SIBET09-09-07

CPC suzhou municipal committee secretary took a visit to suzhou institute of biomed...09-07-22

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