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The 2nd Bio-Medical Engineering Suzhou International Symposium was held successfully in SIBET
Peng Bo
Update time: 2015-09-29
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Suzhou Institute of Biomedical Engineering and Technology (SIBET) and Jiangsu Medical Devices Technology Industry Park hosted the 2nd Bio-Medical Engineering Suzhou International Symposium, BMESIS 2015 in Suzhou QingShan Hotel during September 17 to September 20. The theme of the forum is Advanced Bio-Medical Diagnostics. 

The Conference invited Kenneth I Berns, the fellow of the US National Academy of Sciences, Sir Walter Bodmer, the fellow of the UK Royal Academy of Sciences, Huanming Yang, the academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences and the chairman of the Beijing Genomics Institute, Tsinghua University Pro. Zinghe Rao, Fu Gao, Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention and more than 30 experts and scholars from home and abroad to make subject reports. Xudong Zhou, deputy secretary of the Party Working Committee of Suzhou National New & Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone (SND) and director of Management Committee of SND and Xiaodong Wu, deputy director of SIBET addressed the opening ceremony. Suzhou Science and Technology Association, Shanghai Upper Bio-Tech Pharma Co., LTD, Jiangsu Dingshi Co., LTD, Beijing GK Huayi Technology Co., LTD, Beijing Zongsheng Jinyu Diagnosis Technology Co., LTD, Nanjing Hailitai and Guoke Wenpu etc. provided a strong support for hosting the meeting successfully. Moreover, guests who attending the meeting also include Jianqing Jiang, director of science and Technology Bureau of SND and Yongmei Zhou, deputy director of Management Committee of SND. 

At the opening ceremony, director Xudong Zhou showed that SND has actively developed the medical device industry, and successfully attracted 140 medical device companies. This meeting is highly fit for the industrial development planning and direction of SND. Finally he wished the conference a complete success. Xiaodong Wu, deputy director of SIBET showed the main purpose of this conference which is to provide a communication platform for scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs and graduate students to share the latest research progress in the technology of biomedical testing with each other and fully explore the potential opportunity of cooperation and technology transfer. 

During the meeting, the experts showed attendees the direction of cutting-edge ideas and prospects of the advanced precision medical, medical big data, molecular diagnostics, cell therapy and stem cell therapy through academic reports and seminars, and outlooked the future development trends of biological medical laboratory technology and discussed the latest breakthrough through academic reports and symposia. 

The success of the forum to be held created a high-end academic exchange platform in the field of biomedical engineering, promoted the exchange of new theory and technology, laid an important foundation to attract high-end talent and promoted domestic and foreign investment and to carry out extensive international cooperation and exchange . 

Bio-medical diagnostics combines the modern science experiment technology and the penetration of biomedicine, and is a multidisciplinary medical application technology discipline which is formed and has achieved rapid development in the past 20 years. It involves Clinical Medicine, Basic Medicine, Medical Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Management, Economics, Business Administration and other multidisciplinary content. Biomedical diagnostic technology can provide accurate and timely experimental data and testing methods for the diagnosis of disease, treatments monitoring and prognosis. In addition, it can provide counseling and comprehensive analysis and evaluation of data in reference to the clinic. With the rapid development of biomedical sciences and the widely application in medical field, biomedical diagnostic technology will play an increasingly important role in the future of medical work. 





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