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Diode Laser Therapeutic System for Acne
Update time: 2011-01-10
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This Diode Laser Therapeutic System offers a new approach to skin renewal, including acne etc. The unique 1450 nm wavelength has the ability to target the root cause of acne, the sebaceous gland. The thermal injury alters the structure of the sebaceous glands, resulting in a dramatic and long-term reduction in acne lesions. On the other hand, laser light at 1450nm heats water in the upper dermis, inducing a mild thermal injury to collagen and initiates the deposition of new organized collagen—smoothing fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes and softening the appearance of acne scars.

For an integral part of the Laser process, Dynamic Cooling System sprays cryogen and protects the epidermis during each laser exposure automatically. The selective spot size of 4mm and 6mm, can delivers higher fluences and treatment versatility, and allows you to cover larger areas more quickly with fewer laser pulsed—reducing overall treatment times. The streamlined handle and compact structure design shows that our products are the compact, portable and easy to be used.

Application Field

Acne, depressed scar, emollient, sebaceous hyperplasia


Wavelength: 1450nm

Working Pattern: single pulse, repetitive pulse

Spot Sizes: 4mm, 6mm

Pulse Duration: 0-210ms, tunable

Repetition Rate: 1-50Hz, tunable

Delivered Fluence: 8-25J/cm2, tunable

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