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Semi-automatic biochemical analyzer (D)
Update time: 2011-01-10
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Product Features

The filter apparatus independently developed semi-automatic biochemical analyzer, containing eight wavelength filter, with independent intellectual property rights, access to two patents. Since 2007, China Medical Equipment Association each year were included in the evaluation selection of recommended products, and procurement activities in the country many times larger tender bid.


The instrument can be carried out more than one hundred kinds of chemical and biological programs, liver function, renal function, blood glucose, blood lipids, cardiac testing, plasma and other biological indicators. The use of lower cost, higher returns, more suitable for primary health care institutions.


l   Light source: 12V/20W

l   Wavelength: 340,405,450,490,505,546,578,620 (630)nm.

l   Spectral band width: 6nm

l   Linearity range: 0.000~3.000 Abs.

l   Measuring: 32ul flow cell

l   Sample volume: 0~9999ul

l   Temperature control: 25℃, 30℃,37℃, controlled by Peltier element

l   Test mode: End Point, Kinetics, Fixed-time, Bichromatic, Differential, Modulus test, Multi-standard

l   Delay & Reading time: Programmable, 0~999 seconds.

l   QC: QC results stored in memory automatically, QC plot printable

l   Memory: 150 Programs

l   Display: Large LCD with back light

l   Printing: Built-in Thermo printer.

l   Power failure protection: Test results can be recalled and printed out when power failure

l   Communication: With RS232 enables test results transferred from Analyzer to PC; Analyzer software on-line upgrading function.

l   Power supply: 220V/110V±10%, 50/60Hz

l   Power consumption: 160W

l   Temperature: 0~40℃

l   Humidity: ≤ 85%

l   Dimension: 460mm×400mm×210mm (L×W×H)

l   Weight: 8.8Kg

Innovative content

Existing  8 wavelengths, the new optical system and two patents (ZL99212817.X and ZL96113017.2); new plastic form, large-screen high-brightness LCD screen backlight; full Chinese menu display operation prompt; with power protection and automatic timing functions, man-machine dialogue, open reagent; software can be updated online.

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