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Achievements Transformation Platform
Update time: 2018-08-14
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The achievements transformation platform is supported by the National Institute (SIBET) with engineering technology as the core, intellectual property as the tie, and foundation (investment funds) as the supplementary. It closely integrates multiple elements of the achievements transformation, including government、hospitals、enterprises、achievements、funds、intellectual property,et al…

The projects are selected globally. After determining the rights of the each participator according to investments, the project company is registered. Then, the project is drawn in the engineering and industrialization platform to industrialize the products until CFDA Registration Certificate For Medical Device is obtained. Finally, the project company is taken to industrialization stages by introducing venture investment, PE, and product capital in ways such as refinancing and capital operation.


Two-wheel drive development model of market-driven technological innovation and achievement-transforming mechanism innovation.

Build a new type of group-style research institution which has a combination of "talent + technology + industry + capital + market“.

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