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Name Education Title EmailPersonal Website
Zhang Yanwei Associate Researcher zhangyw@sibet.ac.cn
Zhang Yunhai Ph.D. Professor zhangyh@sibet.ac.cn
Zhang Zhiqiang Ph.D. Professor zhangzq@sibet.ac.cn https://sites.google.com/site/zhangsites/
Zhao Jian Professor zhaoj@sibet.ac.cn
Zhao Lingxiao Professor zhaolx@sibet.ac.cn
Zheng Jian Ph.D. Professor zhengj@sibet.ac.cn
Zheng Minxue Ph.D. Professor minxue.zheng@sibet.ac.cn
Zhou Lianqun Ph.D Professor zhoulq@sibet.ac.cn
Zhou Zhenqiao Ph.D Associate Researcher zhouzq@sibet.ac.cn
Zhou Zhiyong Ph.D. Professor zhouzy@sibet.ac.cn
Zhuang Jie Ph.D. Professor jzhuang@sibet.ac.cn
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